Get off Your Backside and Start Moving!

By Bernice Fitzgibbon
Bernice Fitzgibbon
Written By Bernice Fitzgibbon

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With the invention of the internet and all the new technology people are not only sitting down at work all day, but are spending more and more time sitting down period instead of getting off their backsides and moving.

So number one in the anti-aging tips is “Get off your backside and start moving.”

There was a study done stating inactivity as being more dangerous to health than obesity, but to me it isn’t as simple as this!

Inactivity can lead to obesity and obesity can lead to inactivity!  It can be a viscous cycle!  It is very hard to get motivated to move when you are overweight everything is an effort and the more weight you carry the harder it is.

There can be other factors to why someone doesn’t exercise some physical, like neuro-muscular/ muscular-skeletal, respiratory, cardio-vascular or neurological problems or psychological eg depression, anxiety etc.

According to the World Health Organisation 2 million deaths, a year is caused by physical inactivity worldwide.

People that are inactive are at greater risk of

  • Heart attacks and strokes
  • Hypertension (high blood pressure) a major risk factor for heart disease.
  • developing certain cancers
  • developing type 2 diabetes
  • Osteoporosis, leading to fractures in the aging population.  Over half of hip fractures could be avoided with regular physical exercise
  • obesity which in turn can put you at greater risk of the above medical conditions
  • injuries, falls within the aging population
  • Anxiety and depression loss of motivation

Than people that are physically active.


The answer is to get moving.  This has to begin with awareness and a desire to do something about it. It is about taking responsibility for your own health and wellbeing and not leaving it up to the medical profession to fix you! It is never too late so the sooner you get started the better.

It isn’t easy but nothing worthwhile is however, don’t go it alone and have a goal.  People are more likely to keep to something if they have a goal to work towards and are accountable to someone.


Finding motivation to exercise on a regular basis and sticking to it isn’t always easy!   There is, however, a very simple formula I found works especially when you have a busy schedule and don’t feel like making the effort!

This formula or model is used in many other areas of life and business   It is the S.M.A.R.T Formula

  1. Specific

    Goals must be specific! If you’re not sure what you want to achieve how are you going to commit time to it!   So what is it you want to achieve!   The other question is why?   Why do you want to get moving?   That is what will motivate you to keep going through the tough times!

So your goal may look like this:

To walk continually for 30 min in 6 weeks

  1. Measurable

Goals need to be measurable!  You need to be able to measure your progress so you know you are improving and are going to meet your expected outcome within the timeframe!

  1. Attractive

This is different to the usual “A” of the SMART formula and one I learned from Inspired Coaching Academy Course while training to be a Transformational Coach.  If something isn’t attractive to you and doesn’t inspire you then you are more likely to give up at the first hurdle!  So in planning your goal make sure it has elements that are motivating and inspiring to you!

  1. Realistic

It must be something you can achieve with the resources and time restraints you have now!   You also have to believe you can achieve this goal so if it isn’t something that in your mind is realistic then you will not achieve it!

  1. Timeframe

Goals need to have a timeframe!   Without this how are you going to achieve an expected outcome!   Hey!  you could say I will walk continuously for 20min one day!!!!  What motivation is that and where is the accountability we talked about earlier!!!

Once you have your goal it is time to move onto the action side of the goal setting or the planning, implementation and re-evaluating.

  1. Planning

How are we going to meet our goals!   This is where the program comes into it!   It needs to have simple easy to follow and to commit to steps to achieve your goals.   So that could be 4-6 weeks of increased effort and distance!

  1. Implementation!

Now all of the above are useless if they are not implemented!  You need to take action!  It is consistent action, however, small that is going to get you to your desired outcome!  That is why the WHY! Is very important!   If you don’t know why you want to start exercising then you are setting yourself up for failure and that is not what we want!

  1. Re-Evaluate.

The final step is to re-evaluate your progress!   Has my goal been unrealistic to my level of fitness or my other commitments!  Have I set myself up for failure?

How can I change it around so it works for me?  Flexibility is important as things do come up in life, you have deadlines to meet, or you suffer an injured, or illness!

On the other hand, you may have gone ahead leaps and bounds meeting your goal much earlier than your original timeframe!  This is when you can move the goalpost and extend yourself further!

This brings me onto the next important component to any goals you need to be setting new ones!  Moving the goalpost!   That is why having short term goals and long term goals are important!   When you reach one milestone you need to have your next one in place so you keep moving forward!


Finally, celebrate your successes.  Not with food but a massage or a new outfit whatever makes you happy.

It is all about:

Having fun, being fit and healthy and looking and feeling fabulous inside and out in midlife and beyond.

Bernice Fitzgibbon

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