Having a Belief that Doesn’t Serve You!

By Bernice Fitzgibbon
Bernice Fitzgibbon
Written By Bernice Fitzgibbon

A Belief that doesn't serve you!I often have insights into some belief or behaviour that doesn’t serve me, but instead of changing I continue with it as it has become habitual.  To continue along the line of least resistance is how our sub-conscious mind is programed to operate.  It doesn’t like change no matter how unpleasant or destructive that belief or behaviour may be!

However my insights don’t always come in an obvious package they seem to come in the form of an analogy or what I like to call my “parable”!   This particular one came, as so many of my enlightened moment do, while I was out running!  I had been struggling with the usual “I’m not clever enough when trying to write my e-book”.  It usually goes like “well you know you can’t write” your spelling is appalling and you struggle to put a sentence together” Then I go in search of evidence to support this now over worn statement and  guess what I always find what I am looking for!!

Now I have read hundreds of motivational books been to seminars, watched webinars done courses on creating your own reality and being a conscious creator instead of by default!   But here I was again thinking thoughts that did not serve me nor reflect the person I wanted to be!  

It was then I had this picture pop into my mind!!

I saw myself stuck in mud up to the top of my gumboots with solid land just in front of me but no matter how hard I tried to move forward to dry solid ground the deeper I sunk into the mud!!  Struggling, struggling! If I could only pull one foot out then the other!

Then a thought came to me, what if I stepped out of my gumboot , if I pulled my foot out of the gumboot it would be free to land on the hard ground then I could pull my other foot out and I would be free of the mud that was holding me prisoner!!

How simple was that!  I was free and as I looked back I saw my gumboots sitting there in the mud but I was free, light and free to move forwards and away from the bog that was pulling me down and keeping me stuck!

I then became aware that my negative belief about not being  clever enough was holding me stuck from doing what I wanted to do the same way the gumboots where stuck in the mud!  I was stuck in a situation/behaviour that wasn’t serving me but couldn’t see any way out, when all I need to do was change my habitual thinking by being aware of what thoughts where going through my mind.  By doing this I now had a choice to believe and act from a place of empowerment where I could write my e-book or remain as I was and forget about ever being a published author!

It is funny how when you make a conscious decision to change, the Universe brings into your life the vehicle for that change!

A short time later I happened to hear about Sandy Forster of Wildly Wealthy.com.  When I checked her site out I found she was giving people the opportunity to be published authors in her up and coming book “In the Spirit of Success”!  Wow here was my opportunity to take some positive action towards my new belief!

I had to write a chapter on how I had triumphed over a seemingly insurmountable challenge to achieve success whatever success meant for me!

It would be published alongside world renowned entrepreneurs, motivational leader, success mentors and Coaches!  

I submitted a brief outline of what I was going to write about and was told that was exactly what they were after!

The next thing was to write my chapter, so with my new belief I sat down at the computer and took inspired action!

Now a year on I am a published author with several websites and am half way through writing my e-book called “Up and Running for Life in 9 Easy Steps”!

If I hadn’t become aware of my habitual thought pattern around not being clever enough (compared to whom, I really wasn’t sure), and consciously changed that thought and then took inspired action when the Universe presented me with the opportunity I would still be stuck in a belief that wasn’t serving me!

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