She has a deep seated wisdom that comes from living what she coaches

Bernice is a first rate coach. She is perceptive, patient and inspiring and is not afraid to ask the questions that challenge assumptions and long held beliefs – the ones that lead to light-bulb moments and positive change.

She has an easy, reassuring manner and deep-seated wisdom that comes from living what she coaches. Anyone who works with Bernice will know her authenticity and integrity. She helped me see both the woods and the trees and move forwards with confidence. I owe her a lot.

Libby Mcgugan
Author -The Eidolon

Her Insights and Intuition has been spot on!

I contacted Bernice when I felt I needed help to uncover any blocks which could be holding me back from building a life which speaks fully of me and my passion.

Working with Bernice has been fabulous. At all times she has maintained a structured and organized approach. Her pre-session coaching form has meant I come to the call prepared and focused on what I want to achieve each time. She has asked questions which have helped me to uncover my truths, my beliefs and any blocks I may have created which stand in my way.

Drilling down on a session by session, week by week basis has allowed me to determine and follow specific actions which are always taking me closer to my goal.. Sometimes the action that is required is simply self care to provide the head and heart space to allow inspiration to guide me.

I appreciate her neutral yet probing approach as she has helped me discover some interesting perceptions which perhaps are not my truths. At every step her insights and intuition has been spot on. It’s like having the best version of me helping me!

I would not hesitate to recommend Bernice to anyone who is looking to get some clarity in their lives and the guidance to get from where they are to where they wish to be. I look forward to living my best life and will forever be grateful for the part Bernice has played in helping me move ever closer.

Allanah Hunt
00 44 758 631 2933

Her own life experiences and knowledge base gives her coaching a lot of substance

Bernice helped me address some problematic areas in my life which were proving to limit my progress. She offered an alternative perspective which gave me more options to choose from. Bernice has a relaxed style of coaching and I was very comfortable opening up to her. Her own life experiences and knowledge base gives her coaching a lot of substance. Thank you Bernice.

Devika Ihms

I’ve now achieved my goal and Bernice’s coaching helped me get here!

Bernice coached me over a big goal I had that was at times overwhelming; there were so many aspects to it. I needed the support and accountability she offered to help me through to success. Her guidance enabled me to break it down to manageable tasks that I completed one at a time.

I’ve now achieved my goal and Bernice’s coaching helped me get here. I’m living in Europe for 6 months, home schooling my 2 children while travelling around and setting up my business in England.
Thanks Bernice for your support and guidance in helping me achieve such a big goal.

Lisa Snowdon