How-to-The A-Z for Ageless Living

By Bernice Fitzgibbon
Bernice Fitzgibbon
Written By Bernice Fitzgibbon

Here is The A-Z for Ageless Living.  Each letter of the alphabet represents qualities of ageless living and what it is to be an Ageless Being.  It is all part of Living Deliberately and on Purpose.

A=Activity– Keep active both physically and mentally. Take Action towards your dreams and goals. Be Authentic be true to yourself and Appreciate what you have while always moving forward towards your dreams.

B=Beliefs– are not your reality they are a set of ideas or concepts accepted by you to be true and are usually someone else’s view of the world. Look for Beauty all around you and realize you live in a bountiful universe.  Move forward with Boldness in the realization that you are a Bright light in the world.

C=Communication-is as much about listening as it is about speaking. Be open, honest and caring, but have Courage to speak your truth. It is about Connection and Compassion being open and willing to Change so you can continue to grow. Exploring your own creativity in new and wonderful ways contributing to the world in your own unique style.

D=Dreams-come from the heart.  They lie dormant waiting to manifest into physical form.  It takes Determination and Drive to bring into reality.  What you Desire is yours if you keep true to the path.

E=Enthusiasm– Be excited and enthusiastic about life.  Embrace your later years with energy and expression of your true self.  Don’t withdrawn into a stereo typical model of aging but expand and grow!  Get plenty of exercise it helps cope with stress and gives you energy to cope with a busy lifestyle

F=Fun-Have fun, be fit and healthy and look and feel fabulous.  Enjoy the new freedom age gives you and have faith that what you put out there on an energetic level will return tenfold.  Be flexible in your thinking and remember to enjoy time with family and friends.

G=Gratitude-being grateful for what you have creates expansion, it encourages personal and spiritual growth.  As does generosity and giving to others.  Remember you are an Ageless Goddess manifest in human form.

H=Happiness-Choose to be happy and take care of yourself.  Look forward to a long and healthy life lived on your terms.

I=Inspiration-Live an inspired life with imagination and integrityInvest time into yourself and others and follow your intuition with the intention of igniting passion into the lives of others.

J=Joy– Life should be full of joy.  You still have a journey ahead of you so you want to get the most out of you time on this planet.

k=Kindness-be kind to yourself and others but don’t be afraid to kick-ass when necessary.   Use your knowledge and experience to help and guide others when they need it most.

L=love-and the greatest gift of all is Love: 1 Corinthians 13:13.  Without love we only have fear and fear robs us of happiness and peace of always chose love.  Learn to laugh a lot and be loyal to your values for they are the driving force in your life.  Never stop learning it is how you grow and remain young at heart.

M=Motivation-gets you up each day with a spring in your step.  You are mindful to live in the momentMeditate daily to quieten the mind and take control of your thoughts.  It opens up the channel to the Universal power and raises you to a higher level of being.  Remember to exercise.  Movement keeps you fit and vibrant.  Don’t let memories of past hurts stop you from moving forward.

N=New-beginnings!  A time to re-assess your life and start a fresh in areas that no longer serve you.  It is a no nonsense re-evaluation of your current life which may require some big changes.  It is a good time to look at how well you are meeting your nutritional needs.  You might need to take better care of your health.

O=Openness-be open and honest with yourself it is the only way you will be able to create the change necessary for a fulfilling life.  By being open you will see opportunities you hadn’t seen before. A new and exciting life awaits full of opportunities not possible when you had a closed mind.

P=Passion-living with passion and purpose and following your dreams with persistence it will give you  prosperity in all areas of your life.  Never give up!

Q=Quiet-the mind the self-chatter that tells you, “you are not worthy”, or good enough, clever enough, strong enough, pretty enough………………………..fill in the blanks.  Remember you are perfect just as you are with qualities that you may not be aware of but others love you for.  It’s your quirky nature that shines and makes you unique.  Don’t hide it!

R=Radiant-It is your responsibility to let your radiance shine for all to enjoy.  It is also your responsibility to get plenty of rest or you will find you will burn out.

S=Sincere-be open and sincere in your dealings with others.  Be social there is no point staying at home get out and meet new people.  Utilise your strengths to move forward but keep things simple to reduce the stress in your life.  Life was never meant to be complicated it just appears that way to the untrained thinker. You are also a sensual being don’t push your sexuality down because you are a certain age!  Enjoy it!  It keeps you looking and feeling vibrant and youthful. You are also a spiritual being embrace this side of yourself it is your true essence.

T=Thoughts are created in the brain therefore under our control.  They are energy and like all energy they are the purest form of creativity. The have the ability to transform our lives. They are timeless in their expression but coloured by our beliefs and what we hold to be our truth.  We need to trust our inner guide to put us on the right path.   The road we travel can be new and exciting or one that many others have traveled before.  You get to choose.

U=Universe-We live in an amazing Universe with its own universal laws.  Live by these laws and you will have an amazing life but you need to understand them and how they operate to use them for good.  We want unity not separation.  We are all connected therefore to act against others is an act against the self.  Love is the answer.

V=Values-We all have a set of values standards we live by.  The higher we value something the closer it is to our passion and what we are good at.  It is our; compass through life.  Variety is also the spice of life!  You need versatility to fully develop as a person and to discover all the opportunities awaiting you.

W=Wisdom-It is with wisdom that we grow.  Nothing worthwhile is ever easy. You need to be willing to change if need be, to grow, but if you do then you will experience all the wonderful opportunities life has to offer.  King Solomon was gifted wisdom by God and with this he gained great wealth beyond his wildest dreams.

X=Xtra-ordinary-To be xtra-ordinary you need to live outside the box and not do what everyone else does.

Y=Your-self-“Be yourself everyone else is taken.”  You are amazing just the way you are.  Living true to who you are gives you a youthfulness a glow throughout your life.  It is “Living Deliberately” and on purpose it is “Ageless living”.

Z=ZZZZ– Get plenty of sleep if you want to have zest in your life.  ZZZZ time is repair time for the mind, body and soul.

Bernice Fitzgibbon

Living Deliberately and Ageless Living

Have fun, Be fit and healthy and Feel and look fabulous

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