What is Ageless Living?

By Bernice Fitzgibbon
Bernice Fitzgibbon
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Ageless Living

Ageless Living



I mention Ageless living on most of my posts but what is ageless living, because let’s face it we are going to age and get old it is inevitable! We are not going to stay young forever. So let me tell you what ageless living means to me.

Ageless living isn’t about looking young forever, although if that is what you are after there are plenty of cosmetic surgeons that will be happy to oblige.   It is about an attitude to aging, not the number of years you have graced this planet.  It is about how you live not how long you live.

Having an open mind to the future and change and embracing life with all its surprises.  It is about being true to your values while being able to adapt to the changes that are taking place within you and the world around you.  Taking care and being happy with yourself.

What would an ageless living woman be like?

She is active and enthusiastic with a great support system of family and friends.

She likes to look good and takes care of herself.

She knows the value of good daily habits and having a positive outlook on life.

She enjoys looking good and makes the most of herself by good grooming and wears clothing and make-up that is fashionable, on trend and flattering, while not being to obsessed with trying to looking younger.

She has an inquiring mind and is open to new ideas and concepts.  She is not afraid to try new things and take on new challenges.

Her life is not void of difficult challenges but she takes responsibility and looks for the best solution to the issues facing her.

She is strong but caring and can take care of herself but is equally comfortable to ask and accept help when she needs it.

She is not afraid to show her vulnerability so that others can feel safe and free to be themselves around her.

So just when she has the freedom to do whatever she wants she comes up against the stereo typical expectation on what a person in mid-life and beyond should look and act like!

However this is not how she sees herself so she feels ignored and invisible to a society she has lived in for so many years, being side-lined for the younger generation.  The young are being catered for but the mid-life and beyond are not.

Ageless Living is about changing attitudes on aging and taking back control and responsibility for your life and how you live it.  Don’t allow others to decide what aging should look or be like.  It isn’t a disease but many people look at it as being just that.  Anyone can get sick but most of the illness in the older population is caused by poor lifestyle practices not aging in itself.

So let’s start practicing the principles of Ageless Living today!  It is never too late to have fun, get fit and healthy and look and feel fabulous through the mid-life and beyond.

Bernice Fitzgibbon

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