What Lies Beneath “The True About Belly Fat”

By Bernice Fitzgibbon
Bernice Fitzgibbon
Written By Bernice Fitzgibbon


A wobbly belly may cause a confidence crisis by adding a bulge to the line of your party dress or what is called a “muffin top” between your jeans & that sexy new top you have just bought but, worse still it could be putting your health at risk! If it measures more than 80cm for women & 94cm for men it means you have an increased chance of serious health problems.

It is not just the bulge you can see, known as subcutaneous fat, that poses a threat to your health by putting a strain on your heart & joints but the invisible fat inside your body lurking around your vital organs that leads to health issues including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, & insulin resistance, as well as increasing your chances of heart disease, strokes & diabetes.

Over the next few weeks I will be looking at the main areas necessary for successful & permanent fat & weight loss. It isn’t what you think or want to hear but let’s face it most weightloss programs, diet pills weight loss exercise programs don’t work that’s why there are so many out there. The companies and people selling the products know as a society we are after the quick fix so if they can offer you the miracle fix you are going to buy it! Well there is no quick fix even gastric band surgery doesn’t work without lifestyle changes. There are certain herbs that can help but without lifestyle changes there will be very little change if any and it doesn’t last.
Be aware that what you can see around your belly is nothing to whats below the surface!
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